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of any corporate Governance / compliance's / strategic role & initiative, get in touch to partner in your growth.

Change Before It Is Necessary To Change.


Register  in our Data Bank if you have below interest  in increasing earning Potential


Rich Exp. Of any Corporate Field with Professional Qualification from Reputed Institute & prepared to work as consultant , submit  your profile & get registered with us to work on assignment basis.


Professionals  with Business Interest in Education / Training / Management /Legal / & prepared to invest a small Sum  depending on Business Need.

Consulting Co.

To offer Tie Up with Consulting Co. who have Small office space with internet , Telephone with past successful record of Consulting Co./ start up Co./Individual.

Business Management College

Placement officer of MBA / PGDBM  can register to get Assignments of Company  which may increase Co. Contact with Institutes / College.

Associate -Consumer Feed Back

You will be required to reply Questions about Product / Brand.Your reply will be considered as Consumer Feed Back to make analysis of trend / competition / market share. You need to have access of Internet & we will pay for each set of replied Questions & disclose you amount at the time of sending Questionnaire.

Send your detail to keep in our data Bank. We need On PAN India 400 Consumer Feed Back Points. From Each state 10 only. First Come First Get .

Please Send your Area of Interest with your  /  Organization Profile with Experience.We will keep your detail in our Data Bank & contact you when there is any Opportunity  with us relevant to your Experience & nearer to your Location.   There will be revenue Sharing Module based on Assignment.

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